Therapy Assistant, Rehabilitation Services

Institution:  Woodlands Health
Family Group:  Allied Health


The therapy assistant shall support the therapists for assigned tasks deemed as appropriate. The TA shall only perform tasks delegated by the therapist(s). This will be within the limits of what they have been trained, deemed competent to perform and with adequate supervision provided as defined by the department or institution.

  1. Clinical
  1. Preparation for Therapy Session:
    1. Assist in preparing patient before, during and at the conclusion of a treatment
    2. Prepare and set up facility, environment and clinical or therapy equipment, including technology-related therapeutics
    3. Clean up environment and equipment after therapy session
    4. Any other preparation before or after therapy sessions as required by the department or supervising therapist


  1. Manual Handling
    1. Transfer minimal, moderate and maximum assistance patients, with assistance and/or equipment where needed


  1. Assessment and Outcome Measures
    1. Assist therapist during assessment or re-assessment of patients
    2. Assist therapist during outcome measures


  1. Interventions
    1. Monitor patients during therapy activities
    2. Assist therapist during the delivery of therapy plans for patients
    3. May assist in setting up and applying selected therapeutic modalities, splints or devices
    4. May assist in implementing segments of one-to-one therapy interventions under supervision of the therapist
    5. Assist with making of individualised hand splints and pressure garments where necessary
    6. Assist therapist during wound care management where necessary


  1. Caregiver Training
    1. Assist therapist during caregiver training sessions


  1. Group Therapy
    1. Assist therapist during group therapy sessions


  1. Technology-based Intervention
    1. Assist in setting up technology-based/robotics intervention


  1. Communication
    1. Demonstrates ability to receive patient related precautions and session details as explained by primary therapist
    2. Demonstrates ability to appropriately communicate results of the assessments and/or therapy session to the primary therapist
    3. Demonstrates ability to terminate session and to quickly and effectively escalate to primary therapist where necessary
    4. Ability to communicate where assigned work or tasks exceed acceptable scope of practice or training and escalate to senior professional staff


  1. Ensure safety of patients and observe safety procedures at all times


  1. And other clinical duties as deemed appropriate by the supervising Therapist


  1. Training and Development
  1. Experienced JG6s may buddy new JG5 therapy assistant to assist in guiding them for their on-job training.


  1. Any other training and development duties as deemed appropriate by the department or supervising Therapist


  1. Administrative
  1. Inventory Control
    1. Clean and adhere to infection control/ hygiene standards of therapy equipment and devices
    2. Assist in maintenance and simple repair of therapy equipment
    3. Check and maintain equipment, linen and clinic inventory 
    4. Record & verify sales of appliances and consumables.
    5. Maintain & distribute patient education materials and clinical supplies.
    6. Assist in performing audits such as billing, sales items, equipment movement, etc.


  1. Update patient schedule board


  1. Billing
  1. May perform data entry & billing into system 


  1. General Duties
  1. Assist to porter/ transport patients before or after therapy sessions
  2. Transport or move equipment
  3. Support hospital in emergency or recall activities or events
  4. Support or participate in quality improvement initiatives
  5. Adhere to hospital and department’s policies and operating guidelines


  1. Other administrative duties as deemed appropriate by the department or supervising Therapist




  1. Minimum GCE ‘O’/’N’ Level qualification
  2. Require HMI Certificate in Healthcare (Therapy Support) for candidates with no relevant experience