Senior Pharmacist/Pharmacist (Pharmacy Services Centre)

Institution:  National Healthcare Group Pharmacy
Family Group:  Allied Health

You will provide pharmaceutical care services by ensuring optimal patient outcome, manage inventory and ensure that drugs are dispensed according to protocol and legal requirements. You will also ensure smooth daily operations and profitability of the pharmacy.




(A)   SPECIFIC (80%)


  1. Professional Services


  1. Accountable for accurate and timely dispensing of medicine to the right patient
  1. Monitor the activities of assigned pharmacy staff engaged in the preparation, labelling and delivery of medications and other pharmaceutical supplies in accordance with physicians’ medication orders.
  2. Regularly review system of dispensing to ensure compliance with local laws and regulations pertaining to the dispensing of drugs and controlled drugs and the maintenance of required needs, to reduce risks of errors.
  3. Clarify and resolve any prescription ambiguities with the prescribers.
  4. Ensure clients’ special orders are sourced for and delivered in a timely manner.
  5. Assist in preventing dispensing errors through regular review of near misses and thorough analysis of previous errors.
  6. Set an excellent example in ensuring medication safety at all times.



  1. Provide pharmaceutical care services to Intermediate, Long-term care facilities
  1. Identify, assess and resolve any drug-related problems.
  2. Advise nursing homes on the policy or workflow on the ordering, storage, use, labelling, distribution and documentation of use of drugs.
  3. Advise doctors on suitable drug therapies that provide the best outcome for patients.
  4. Optimise medication therapy for individual patients as appropriate to their needs and care plan.
  5. Monitor the health and progress of residents to ensure safe and effective use of medication.
  6. Work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals to deliver best care for the patients.
  7. Conduct regular audits and in-service education.
  8. Provide information and advice to healthcare professionals

Perform any other duties as required by MOH for pharmacist services in nursing homes.

  1. Provide quality customer service
  1. Ensure that the team provides professional and courteous service to all patients/clients at all times.
  2. Set an excellent example in the provision of quality service.
  3. Supervise staff in handling and resolving clients’ feedback.



  1. Inventory


  1. Ensure that medications are stored appropriately in the pharmacy, according to policy and legal requirements, to ensure quality, security, and proper disposal.
    1. Comply with control procedures for loss prevention.
    2. Enforce security measures for the storage of controlled substances.


  1. Assist in managing inventory to ensure an optimum level
  1. Approve orders of pharmaceutical supplies, medical supplies and drugs.
  2. Ensure stock turn days do not exceed KPI targets.
  3. Conduct stock takes and cycle counts according to the approved policies and procedures.
  4. Conduct regular checks on expiry date to reduce wastages.


  1. Assist in preparing reports for cold chain break or other incidents involving inventory.



  1. Staff Training & Development


  1. Train & Develop staff to achieve the goals set
  1. Orientate and induct newly recruited pharmacy staff.
  2. Provide training and guidance of trainee on attachment.
  3. Conduct regular training sessions to enhance knowledge and skills of team members and ensure that target training and continuing education hours are met.




  1. Administration

Assist the Reporting Officer in the following:


  1. Maintain the administrative functions necessary for pharmacy operation
  2. Adhere to the accounting, cash handling procedures and policies.
  3. Regularly perform audit checks for the above.
  4. Prepare the necessary reports accurately and in a timely manner.
  5. Give regular feedback with the objective of improving processes and practices.
  6. Maintain records, such as pharmacy files, patient and client profiles, inventories and controlled drugs registries.
  7. Assist in scheduling manpower to ensure smooth daily workflow.


  1. Assist in the setup of medication management system at new ILTC facilities
  2. Assist in the setup of medication management system which include, but not limited to:
    • Review of patients medication records
    • Review of ILTC facilities Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) on medication management
    • Conduct baseline medication management audit
    • Conduct training on using the medication management system
    • Ensure correct finance and informatics setup
    • Be on-site support during system roll out


  1. Accountable for conducive working ambience for clients and staff
  2. Ensure proper housekeeping of the administrative area, production room and storeroom.


  1. Handle patient and client complaints and dispensing errors
  2. Investigate and handle patient and client complaints and dispensing errors promptly
  3. Report to the Head of Department (Pharmacy Practice) on dispensing errors and to Head of Department (Pharmacy Operations) on patient complaints.


  1. Regulatory


  1. Ensure applicable laws and regulations are met and relevant documentation of compliance is maintained.
  2. Ensure compliance to policies, guidelines or advisories issued by any government agency or the Ministry of Health.


  1. Management of Staff
    1. Set targets and objectives for team members to achieve organisational goals.
    2. Monitor performance of team members and communicate individual targets and expectations regularly.
    3. Resolve staff conflicts and disciplinary issues, and administer performance improvement plans where deemed necessary.
    4. Report to Reporting Officer and HR on staff disciplinary issues



(B)   GENERAL (20%)


  1. Coach and supervise team members.
  2. Perform any other duties as assigned by the Reporting Officer.
  3. Participate in work place improvement projects/ activities.