Executive / Sr Executive, Allied Health Services & Pharmacy

Institution:  Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Family Group:  Administration

The Executive / Senior Executive is responsible for supporting the co-ordination of activities under the Allied Health Services & Pharmacy (AHS&P) and supporting the Deputy Director (DD) in day-to-day tasks. 

1. Support DD, AHS&P in day-to-day activities and tasks. 
2. Ensure efficient operation of services under AHS&P in alignment with the hospital’s strategic plans. 
3. Develop and monitor key performances indicators and ensure optimal utilization of resources. 
4. Assist with administrative processes of meetings & appointments, such as booking of equipment and venues, co-ordination of meeting dates, minutes writing, tabulation of agendas for meetings etc. 
5. Support administrative and personnel matters relating to Allied Health & Pharmacy departments, such as preparation of sponsorship acceptance letters. 
6. Work closely and co-ordinate with other Allied Health HODs to meet deliverables under the AHS&P. 
7. Assist Allied Health HODs in implementation of key services and work processes, identify service discrepancy and initiate process improvements. 
8. Responsible for drafting of clinical papers, policies and presentation slides under the AHS&P, to support work delivered under AHS&P. 
9. Provide support to DD, AHS&P and other Allied Health HODs by leading in data extraction, collation, analysis & submissions. (E.g.: Clinical KPIs, DPIA, ERMs, EHIs etc.) 
10. Serve as both internal and external point-of-contact for AHS&P related talk requests and liaise with various HODs as necessary. Provide all administrative support for official tenders / RFQs with MMDs when appropriate. 
11. Serve as both internal and external point-of-contact between AHS&P and community partners on projects related to AHS&P work. 
12. Support pandemic related work in AHS&P and serve as point-of-contact between AHS&P, HR and HCC for submissions (E.g.: collation of manpower, staff status etc) and take on pandemic-roles when necessary. 
13. Support the leads in the various portfolios under AHS&P and play active role in supporting all administrative and developmental activities 

a) Clinical competency & PDPA governance 

 Support the portfolio lead and work with various HODs and leads to ensure all clinical competency framework are developed and adhered to 

 Perform minimally annual audits on departments on compliance to respective competency framework policies and JCI SQE standards 
 Serve as point-of-contact for HODs and leads for co-ordination of NHG courses on workplace based assessment 
 Support the portfolio lead and work with various HODs and leads to ensure dissemination of PDPA related guidelines and recommendations 
 Serve as point-of-contact for HODs and leads on PDPA related enquiries and the Data Protection Office 
 Conduct minimally annual audits on departments on PDPA compliance 
 Work with various HODs and leads to reduce PDPA breach and support implementation of mitigation measures 

b) Training & Research 
 Support the portfolio lead in maintaining the database of Training & Research activities 
 Support the portfolio lead in maintaining the database of Kaizen activities 
 Provide logistical and admin support for the smooth running of the activities under this portfolio (E.g.: minutes writing, hosting meeting sessions, sending out invites, clearing agenda etc.) 
 Provide logistical and administrative support in the organisation of training events and liaising with participants attending the training (E.g.: hosting & creating zoom events, creation of registration & evaluation forms, consolidating feedback, analysis of results, helping with EDM, liaising with speakers, preparing summaries of past and upcoming events for newsletters / work plans / other publications etc.) 
 Support the portfolio lead in development of training modules and content (E.g.: training materials, e-modules etc.) 
 Support other work under Training & Research portfolio 

c) Specialisation & Progression 
 Support the portfolio lead in all administration work and logistics 

d) Care Transformation & Integration 
 Support the portfolio lead in all administration work and logistics 

e) Special Projects 
 Support the portfolio lead in smooth operations and administrative of celebration of AHP professional days (E.g.: co-ordination of hanging of banners, creation of EDMs, coordinating visits to department) 
 Support the portfolio lead in creation of EDMs, newsletters and other ad hoc requests when necessary
· Collaborate and liaise with HR and MMD on the purchase of AHP gifts annually 
· Provide logistical, administrative support for all sessions hosted by AHS&P (i.e. Work plan, tea sessions, focus group sessions etc.) 
· Serve as point-of-contact with HR for all cultural events nomination submissions and lead to collate nominations by HODs 
· Update photos / files in intranet for access by staff 
· Maintain the AHS&P intranet share point site, provide access to staff as required and review access list regularly 
· Lead and support all welfare-related activities organized by AHS&P office (E.g.: Christmas celebration etc.) 
· Serve as point-of-contact with Corp Comms for internal branding and publications related to AHS&P 
· Support other work under Special Projects portfolio 

1. Support corporate activities or ad hoc projects, particularly those relevant to AHS&P 
2. Align AHS&P goals with business goals of hospital. 
3. Any other tasks as deemed appropriate by the DD, AHS&P. 
4. Embrace continuous improvement as our way of life by improving and refining 
work performance on a daily basis. 


Job requirements

 Basic degree
 Minimum of 2 years in service industry / health-care related areas preferred
 Possess positive attitude, initiative and keenness to learn
 Possess strong analytical, good interpersonal and communication skills
 Able to work independently with minimal supervision
 Knowledge of word processing & software (E.g.: Microsoft Excel, Powerpoint, Visio etc)
 Knowledge of statistics